Michael Auerbach

Michael Auerbach is Founder of Subversive Capital, Chairman of Subversive Capital Acquisition Corp., and General Partner of Subversive Capital’s venture platform and Opportunity Fund. Michael is an entrepreneur, investor, business consultant, and private diplomat. He is a Senior Vice President at Albright Stonebridge Group, the global consulting firm of former secretary of state Madeleine Albright, where he has worked for the last three years. Before joining ASG, Michael created Social Risks, which provided investors with assessments of companies' social impact. Social Risks was bought out by global consulting giant Control Risks, where Michael served as a Vice President for three years. Michael began his career in the late '90s dot com bubble, founding Panopticon Inc, a VC incubator concentrating on internet and mobile technology. He has an MA in International Relations from Columbia University and BA in Critical Theory from the New School.

Leland Hensch.png

Leland Hensch

Leland Hensch is CEO and Director of Subversive Capital Acquisition Corp and General Partner at Subversive Capital Opportunity Fund. Mr. Hensch is a former Goldman Sachs Equity Partner based in New York and London. Ran Macro Equity Derivatives Trading in New York from 2004 -2013 and was promoted to Head of Americas Equity trading in 2013. Leland Joined Subversive Capital in May this year to focus on building out Subversive’s trading platform and portfolio management. Prior to joining Subversive, Leland had made a number of investments across Cannabis, Real Estate, Hospitality, Media, and Tech businesses. He has been an active investor/owner in the hospitality and media businesses.